Automating paper-based systems on Mobile/Web

If you have a lot of paper forms and you would like to automate your paper works to save time and money, we can offer you the best solutions to create electronic forms and simplify your operating processes

Upgrading legacy systems to new technologies

If you have old systems developed in extinct languages such as VB6 and Delphi, we can help you to upgrade these systems to new web-based and mobile-based technologies to save lots of hours of maintenance.

Converting Excel and Access to Web/Mobile Application

Many organizations rely on Access or Excel to do their automation. It is usually not scalable and not many users can use the system. It is also not easy to share it. We can re-design your excel or access files to actual working web systems to make it more accessible and easier to use.

Proof of Concept Development

If you have an awesome idea that would like to impress the world, we can help you. Our highly educated team can bring any concept to reality.

Custom Mobile Application

Have an app idea? Want to simplify your current process with mobile access? We can develop any mobile application for Android and iOS exactly based on your needs.

Custom Web Application

Need a web application to be accessible from everywhere in the world and can handle thousands of users in a secure environment, we definitely can help you by developing it with the highest quality and lowest price.

Research and development of novel technologies

You are looking to change the world by making novel technologies. We can help you. Our Ph.D. team members can do the research and invent new technologies based on your requirements.

Integrating and analysing big data systems

No matter your data is text, image, audio, time series,... and no matter how big it is, we can handle it. We can also make new algorithms specifically designed for your data.